What are we?

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Cow Juice is the dark and satirical love child of Alex Charing and Gabriela Chojnacki. We are both graduates from Rose Bruford College with a Master’s in Ensemble Theatre.

Cow Juice performances are contemporary satire, exploring dark and dry comedy . We want to spark debate from the audience by questioning popular opinions from both the right and left side of the political spectrum. We are really interested in how media fear and social media can change how humanity thinks, we believe lots of the subjects that make us afraid and how we are made to feel afraid holds lots of humour.

The inspirations and drive for Cow Juice come from a desire to create theatre, that both entertains and gives our audiences a journey into the social commentaries and a political environment that questions the status quo. Our writing and style tries to make light of all the problems we see from watching the news and is influenced solely from being disenchanted millennials. We are an ensemble of rotten apples, staring into the void of political correctness.

The company has derived its name from concerns surrounding the dairy industry. We felt so strongly with the mistreatment of cows we named our company Cow Juice. Do we still drink milk from the supermarket? Yes we do!